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About us

The true essence of a culture can oftentimes be found in its food. This could not be any truer for Indian cuisine, particularly with the bold, vibrant flavors of its street food. But you don’t have to go to the streets of Kolkata for delicious Indian street fare, because we’ve brought it to Chicago for everyone to enjoy. Kaathi rolls incorporate meats or vegetables marinated in exotic spices, cooked on skewers, and rolled in savory flatbread known as paratha. 

In the early 20th century during the British rule of India, a small but popular eatery in Kolkata, Nizams, created the kaathi roll. Aditya Burman, our founder, grew up in Kolkata eating these rolls. After he moved to the US, it was always a dream of his to open a kaathi roll restaurant. His passion for food stems from growing up in a home where his mother, Brinda Barman, was a phenomenal cook and loved to entertain often. Some of the recipes that we use today are Brinda's creations. Our focus on allergies comes from the personal experiences that our other founder Sandhya Nagubadi has had. Together, Aditya and Sandhya, have created their own recipes that caters to various preferences and restrictions.  


Crafting these rolls is a passion project for us, and sharing that with our customers is what we love most. Our food is carefully prepared in our kitchen daily because we believe in serving our customers delicious, fresh, high-quality food.  Whether for delivery, catering, or dining in, we invite you into our welcoming space for a gastronomic journey to our cultural roots.

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