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Allergies & Halal

At Kaathis, we take food preferences, restrictions, and allergies very seriously. This focus stems from our owners having personal experience with food allergies. Therefore, we have taken a number of steps to ensure that we can accommodate our customers requirements. All our food is:


- Nut free

- Soy Free

- Corn Free

- Egg Free * 


* While none our food contains egg, we do offer customers the option to add Egg to their order. We ensure there is no cross contamination.


We also offer gluten-free options in the form of our Bows and Salads, as well as for most of our sides. We also have dairy free options for our red meats, chicken, and vegetarian dishes. 


We have menu options that cater to our vegetarian and vegan customers. All our sides are also vegan.


Following the origin and tradition of Kaathi rolls, all our meats (Lamb, Beef, and Chicken) are Zabiha Halal and are certified by the Halal Food Standard Alliance of America (HFSAA). 

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