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Every day brave men and women get up in the morning, knowingly put themselves in harms way, make sacrifices for all of us, and go to work to save lives. These healthcare workers are on the front lines of the battle with a virus that has disrupted all our lives. They self-quarantine from their families for weeks to protect them all the while going to work to save us!​ 

We all need to join the fight against COVID-19. As an Indian Restaurant, we've decided we will be catering meals for these heroes. We are working with Hospitals and other health care institutions to deliver individually packed meals to make sure they are well fed and that they know that we appreciate them, are grateful for them, and support them.

Thank you for helping us reach our first goal of $2500. Through our next GoFundMe campaign we are expanding to support more hospitals and your help would be greatly appreciated.

Join the fight against COVID-19 by:

1) Donating Money 

(100% of all funds will go towards the purchase, preparation, packaging, and delivery of these meals)

2) Donating your Time

(Sign up to help by delivering the food, coordinating efforts across Chicagoland, reaching out to healthcare institutions)

We are proud to be donating food to the following hospitals:


Meals Donated

Week 1  -  110 meals

Week 2  -  190 meals

Week 3  -  255 meals

Week 4  -  450 meals

Week 5  -  392 meals

Week 6  -  410 meals

Week 7  -  180 meals

Week 8  -  60 meals

Total Meals Donated: 2047

Healthcare Professionals

Thank you Letter shared with Healthcare Workers

Thank you for your support from the Kaathis team!

Tired workers
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